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We don’t have no gimmick - I ain’t no gimmick, man. You see The Clash on stage and they’re all high on some kind of speed. If I want some energy, I just drink some orange juice and go out and rock harder than all of them.

Darryl Jenifer, Bad Brains

Eat what the monkey eats, then eat the monkey.

U.S. Navy Survival Guidance

When it gets down to it - talking trade balances here - once we’ve brain-drained all our technology into other countries, once things have evened out, they’re making cars in Bolivia and microwave ovens in Tadzhikistan and selling them here - once our edge in natural resources has been made irrelevant by giant Hong Kong ships and dirigibles that can ship North Dakota all the way to New Zealand for a nickel - once the Invisible Hand has taken away all those historical inequities and smeared them out into a broad global layer of what a Pakistani brickmaker would consider to be prosperity - y’know what? There’re only four things we do better than anyone else:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Microcode (software)
  • High-speed pizza delivery
Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

I am an alone programmer. I am not a specialist on programming but I love it. Anyone who supports source code sharing is definitely my friend.